Ski Locker

Your ski equipment stowed warm and safe for the night! Every morning, start your day with dry and warm shoes.

The resort offers a deposit service to improve the comfort of your stay. You will be able to avoid carrying your skis and shoes through the resort every day. Ski lockers equipped with dry shoes are offered to you at less than 150 meters of the foot of track in a secured room.

Reservation: online (on this page), or at the resort's counters.

The reservation is effective from 8h on the first day of your reservation, until 18h the last day of your reservation.


Rates (decreasing prices):

Excluding school holidays (TTC)


1 night   8€   
2 nights 16€
5 nights 35€
6 nights 42€
7 nights 46€
14 nights 84€


School holidays (TTC)


1 night 10€
2 nights 20€
5 nights 45€
6 nights 54€
7 nights 60€
14 nights 114€

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